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Oshotto 12V Electric Car Kettle Stainless Steel Water Tea Coffee Milk Heating Cup for Travelling Trip For All Cars (300ml) - Silver

Oshotto 12V Electric Car Kettle Stainless Steel Water Tea Coffee Milk Heating Cup for Travelling Trip For All Cars (300ml) - Silver

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The boiler is able to heat cold water up to the boiling point (100 ° C).
You can take place for easy drinking in the lower part of tea or coffee.
The car kettle can quickly heat water, coffee or tea.
Made of high quality stainless steel, rust-proof, corrosion resistant and durable.
The large capacity of 300 ml + 105 ml better meet your travel needs.

Condition: Brand New
Material: stainless steel
Colour: silver
Voltage: 12 V.
Power: 60 W
Capacity: top part: 300 ml, bottom part: 105 ml.
Power supply: 12 V cigarette lighter
Power cable length: approx. 125 cm / 49.2 in.
Installation: for vehicles with 12 V cigarette lighter.

Package contents:

1 x kettle.
1 x power cable.


1. If the battery capacity of the vehicle is too small, add it under the working state of the engine to avoid loss of battery capacity, to use.
2. Please dry clean before the kettle is washable with the inside of the boiler. When washing, it is strictly prohibited to immerse the entire kettle in the water to prevent leaks and to affect the service life. The cover ventilation openings should be cleaned after use to prevent food blockage and affect safety.
3. Only suitable for the specified 24 V/12 V power supply, such as 24 V of large trucks, buses, boats and 12 V of cars, SUVs, etc.
4. Do not heat up without water. Do not heat the boiler on the side. If the body falls due to vibrations, it should be settled in time.
5. Please fill the water in the kettle to keep 3 cm away from its mouth.
6. Keep it out of the reach of children to avoid burns.

  • Lightweight Material: It is easy and convenient to carry for its lightweight material.
  • Two Detachable Capacities: The lower half of this car electric kettle has a capacity of 105ml and the upper half has a capacity of 300ml, which can better meet your travel needs and is easy to use.
  • Applicable Power Supply: This car hot water cup is powered by a standard cigarette lighter plug power supply; It is only suitable for designated 12V power supplies, such as12V for large trucks, buses, ships and 12V for car, SUVs, etc..
  • Car Heating Kettle: This car electric kettle is mainly used in the car, allowing you to quickly heat water, coffee or tea during the outdoor journey and enjoy life.
  • Heating to Boiling Point: This car electric kettle can heat cold water to boiling point (100°C), allowing you to quickly use hot water in a short time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good to carry on car or bike for passion traveller

Good to carry on car or bike for passion traveller..
Steel jar,, two cup for 2 person we love the product

N. Choudhary
Very good product

It's starts warming within few minutes. It's very good product.


Good but volume is very small

Praveen Kumar
1st class for us in recent road trip

Very useful for us in road trip, it takes 25mins to boil milk or water, its great to use