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Oshotto 12V (K8001) Car Horn - Trumpet Sound 2Pc Set (Low + High) for All Cars

Oshotto 12V (K8001) Car Horn - Trumpet Sound 2Pc Set (Low + High) for All Cars

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12v car horn automotive electronics is based on multi-speaker sound at the core of the high-tech micro-electronic products, with non-contact, good sound quality, frequency stability, long life, wide range of voice, a permanent memory settings. Full harmonious tone. Loudest trumpet horn in the style range. It's easy to install and use, stable and reliable work motorists can set preferences in accordance with the needs of their own voice, at the same time you could enjoy the speakers to bring you extraordinary surprise. Sufficiently loudest sound to draw peoples attention. High quality diaphragm and contact points.

  • Vehicle Compatible with All Cars
  • Harmonious genial sound, sufficiently loudest sound to draw peoples attention
  • Electromagnetic signaling horn made plastic and metallic material
  • Suitable for DC 12V vehicles such as automobiles and trucks. It is suitable for most motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, karts, off-road vehicles, and 12V power cars.
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