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Oshotto Dust and Water Proof Double Mirror Pocket X1 Universal Bike Body Cover (Brown)

Oshotto Dust and Water Proof Double Mirror Pocket X1 Universal Bike Body Cover (Brown)

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These Covers are made from heavy duty fabric which ensure the longevity of cover & protection of two wheeler vehicle. These covers are mainly used to protect two wheelers from extremes weather, dust particle, fading away from sunlight, scratching etc. They are designed in such a fashion to ensure all weather protection to your vehicle body parts. Two Wheelers body covers are 100% water resistant in nature & designed for everyday indoor use, long term storage and outdoor use. It Protect against sun damage to paint and leather. Protect the internal engine parts from rust and wearing. Shield the vehicle from flying road debris without any rubbing on the surface. These BIKE covers fit your vehicle with style and precision. Features:- High Quality imported Fabric.- Water-resistant. All Weather Protects from Dust, Dents and Dings- UV Ray protection (UV rays cause paint fading).- Very light and easily handled. Matches body profile perfectly. Clamp mechanism.

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Universal
  • Keeps your vehicle cooler, dry and dust free, it remains unaffected by adverse climatic conditions
  • Heavy Duty 100 percent Guaranteed Waterproof UV-repellent Fabric
  • Heavy Duty Fabric with Clamp mechanism
  • Original Anti-Scratch UV-repellent fabric from Taiwan
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