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Oshotto Premium Fire Proof Multiple LED 68 Car Ashtray (Multicolor)

Oshotto Premium Fire Proof Multiple LED 68 Car Ashtray (Multicolor)

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Ash tray for cars give a royal look. Blue led lights up whenever you open the lid. Spacious compartment for buds and ash. Manufactured from high-density fire resistant plastic layer. Safe to use and can be cleaned easily. A must have for all smokers. Made from virgin plastic Features With 2 independent cigarette vents for makes the flame die out and cigarette holder for holding cigarette butts Inner wall is coated with high-density fire resistant plastic layer .Safe to use .Can be fixed with drink holder together. Easy to clean. Best for in car, home or office hygiene.

  • High-density flame retardant PBT materials
  • Elegant design fits All car cup holder
  • LED light inside easier and safer at night time for ash
  • Extinguish the butt with lid on, and effectively reduce the harm of secondhand smoke
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